Sunday, August 3

Roc race

I found a 5k obstacle race that was supposed to mimic the game show wipeout.  Shana and her husband Garrett, agreed to run it with me.  At the last minute, Shana decided not to run it but that was OK-Garrett and I made a good team:) It was cold and raining and I was not looking forward to the race.  Just wanted to start because I was chilly.  Luckily, they did let us go early.  As soon as we began running, I warmed up and it got better.  Garrett runs at a really fast pace but I was determined to keep up-gotta keep my pride in tact:) In fact, we finished in about 40 minutes and that was with waiting in line at every obstacle.   Most of the obstacles were inflatable slides and not at all challenging.  They did have the big red balls and Garrett and I were looking forward to them.  He went first and only made it past one.  I was sure I could do better but no!  I thought that the balls would be bouncy but they were not.  More like bean bags so when you jumped you just sunk in rather than getting a bounce.  Was disappointing.  So really it was just a 5k run.  Even at the end, it was rather anticlimactic- you just kind of finished and walked off.  And there were no changing areas or anything.  So once we got back to the car, I stripped and changed in the parking lot.  Don't think anyone saw:)  But it was Saturday morning exercise so I'll take it:)


Betsy moved in not long ago and her kids were immediately adopted into the gang of kids at my house.

As a thank you for keeping her kids occupied while she unpacked, Betsy invited Shana's and my family to dinner.  It was so fun!  Very relaxed and comfortable.  She even gave me a very special wine glass that said happy birthday because she knew my birthday is coming but that I'll be gone.  I felt very special!  And I am so happy that fabulous women are moving into the neighborhood!  It has been lonely without my friends.  But now I have so many!  Feeling very happy!


The kids play all the time at a tree they have named the Acorn tree.  We are not even sure that it has acorns but that is besides the point.  They have made a club around it complete with an initiation and duties.

The kids decided to have a campout.  Love their invitation-parents are welcome:)  Such cuties!
Seeing as the kids organized all of it, we were not sure who would come if anyone.  But they ended up having fifteen or so kids?  They played and played!
And ate and ate!
One parent stayed slept out with the younger boys.  Terry also stayed for a long time.   Apparently, the boys kept saying that they heard coyotes.  They assured them there were none but they were convinced.  So Oscar, the other dad, quick downloaded an app that would play coyote howls.  As soon as the boys heard it, they declared that they were right!  Timmy later told me that he was terrified.  Well played dads:)  The girls slept in another tent and all three of my kids went all night.  And they were so happy:)  Was very happy that they were able to do that and Terry and I were able to sleep comfortably at home!  Woohoo for older kids!


As part of the festivals, they offered a free kids concert so we headed down to check it out.

Love the girls photobombing our picture:)
There were a good number of people who showed.  Sadly, the music was really geared toward toddlers but we still enjoyed it and danced!  Gotta make the best of every situation right?
These two ladies have recently moved in:  Betsy and Shana.  We are already fast friends!
Terry was a good sport and played some soccer for a while.  And Em insisted on getting her face painted.  It was supposed to be a cow but we all thought she looked more like skelator!  Soon after she washed it off!
And to reward us, we had a beautiful sunset on the walk back home!
Does it get any better than this?

Poison oak

Poor Madison is super susceptible to poison oak. Once again she is covered with it:(

The picture does not even really show just how bad it was.  She is now on steroids and is beginning to feel much better:)  I will be so happy when the temperature drops and the poison oak goes away!


There have been several festivals at the fort recently:  the Folk and the Jazz.  Thousands of people have come down for them and we have been cut off from our beloved loop.  Em and I went to explore it.

We ended up meeting these fabulous Latin men.  They had some great dancing music playing and I broke the ice asking if they would be dancing soon:)  Then they insisted that I eat some of their fish-saying that there is nothing better than catching a fish, cooking it straightaway, and eating it.  They were so insistent I ended up relenting and told them to give me a fish!  They were super friendly and the fish was delicious!


Terry's big birthday present was tickets to the Liverpool-Roma game at Fenway.  Thanks mom!

All day the forecast predicted terrible thunderstorms so it was such a relief when they never appeared!  It was, however, incredibly hot and humid-over 90 and super uncomfortable.
We had pretty incredible seats-2nd row just behind what would be first base but almost near mid-field on the pitch.  
They did a live show before the game, at halftime, and again after.  We were super close.
Emilie was not interested at all and kept insisting on going walking around.  She was denied.
Timmy, Madi, and Terry were thoroughly entertained by the entire game.  Terry was super happy to see Gerrard, Reina, Kenny Dalglish, and so many more.  So close he could nearly touch them.  He was in heaven!
Just being in Fenway was pretty cool as well.  
Afterwards, we had to wait for the car for about 45 minutes.  Kids were pretty good considering but I was super grumpy.  As it turns out, it was way past my bedtime!  It was a fun night and quite possibly the best birthday present Terry has ever gotten:)


We have also had some nice days so Shana and I took the kiddos down to the beach for some fun!

We ended up meeting some new neighbors there.  Seriously, I turn around and someone else has moved in!  But they had a paddle board and the dad was a trooper and took all of the kids on a turn!  My girls loved it!  I was so happy:)  Maybe that should be our next big purchase?


They also had a bird feeding area.  The kids loved it!

The birds seemed very fond of pockets:)
And they were super pretty-all sorts of colors.  Took a while for some of them to actually come down and land on our sticks but eventually they did.
Terry and the kids stayed in there forever!  I was tired and had been pooped on so decided to step out and wait for them.  Not long after, Terry joined me.  I ended up falling asleep!  Took a little power nap while we waited for the kids to finish. 
It took Timmy forever to finally catch a bird.  Made his day when he did though!  Feeding birds-always a winner!


And then we headed over to the Mystic aquarium.  Was really nice!

They loved the sting ray pool and they all got several really good touches of them.

Em particularly loved the baluga whales.  They swam right up to her and lingered there for a bit!
And I saw a blue lobster-never have before.  It was huge and delicious looking!
The gang:)
My boy and me:)
We watched a sea lion show, ate ice cream, discovered a titanic exhibit, and saw many, many fish.  Kids loved it!