Friday, September 26


I was home for just over 24 hours when I left again.  I had registered to take a crossfit certification course to become a Level 1 Crossfit coach.  The class was held in Garden City, NY on Long Island.  It was an awesome weekend.  We listened to lectures, saw practical applications, practiced the basic movements, and were able to get in two  WODs as well.  Before I went, I felt pretty good about my abilities.  I am not the star athlete everyone looks to chase in my box, but I feel pretty good about what I can do.  During the weekend, they broke all of our movements down and they critiqued how we moved.  They killed my air squat!  I mean how hard is it to squat and they tore all of ours apart.  Was humbling to say the least.  I also really enjoyed the WOD.  As the time was running down, everyone gathered around the two women who had yet to complete it and everyone was cheering them on.  I got a bit emotional about it-was a very empowering moment and one of the reasons that I absolutely love crossfit.  The very last part of the weekend was a test which thankfully I passed!  Felt like it took forever to get the results (1 week almost to the hour) but I was so relieved when I finally did!  (My class by the way is the 3rd picture down on the left and I am the 5th from the left side in the front row)

Since then, I have been talking with the owner of my box.  I am currently shadowing the coaches.  I enjoy seeing each of their coaching styles.  And I love it!  I have led a few warm ups and strength portions and each time it makes me feel like yes, I have finally found what I should be doing.  I love to help people so this is right up my alley.  I have also taken a private lesson with Mark Cameron, an Olympic weightlifting medalist who runs a barbell club from my gym.  It was so fun!  He was fantastic and I learned a lot.  Next weekend, I am going to crossfit weightlifting certification where we will focus on the Clean & Jerk, and the Snatch.  I am really looking forward to it!  

Welcome home

And it seemed like in no time at all, we were headed back home.  Terry was very happy to see us!

I was greeted with a happy birthday sign, balloons, flowers, and candy:)
I have always loved balloons!
And I definitely missed that view!  Felt really good to be home again and in my own bed:)
And the kids were thrilled to be back with their friends!  And their acorn club!

Killin time

We also took some time to play at a tiny amusement park down in Fredricksburg.  We were meeting a friend of mine later and I wanted to make the drive before the traffic began.  We had fun playing mini-golf, laser tag, kids rode a few rides, and we played a some games.

Afterwards we met my buddy Deacon at his crossfit box where I did a WOD with him.  They were doing assessments and finding 1 RMs for the week.  I happened to visit on a day when they were going for a fast mile.  I am pleased to say that I ran it in 6:56!  Only 40 seconds behind my very long legged friend and under 7 minutes!  I do not know if I have ever broken 7 minutes!  Needless to say, I was ridiculously pleased with myself.
After the WOD, we went back to Deacon's place and cleaned up.  Next, we went out for fajitas!  Was a really nice time.  Deacon and his friend Joe, were really great with the kids.  They had a blast!   And it was so nice to see my friend!

Wednesday, September 24


We went to a trampoline park one evening.  Kids absolutely loved it!

They were so impatient to start.  I didn't blame them-it looked so fun!
We were able to jump about 45 minutes before their friends joined us.  I practiced my old cheerleading  moves-was fun!
Kids were so happy to be reunited!
They have all grown since we last saw them.
So happy!  Afterwards, they were able to have a sleep over.  Think that was the best part.
As I understand it, they played and played.  I love that they have had these friends since they were babies:)  Convenient that they all live near my parents as well.  It was fun!


While at my parents' house, I continued to drop into boxes.  This one was huge!  The kids loved it as they were able to play around afterwards.  Great box!

I was also able to meet Mary for lunch!  Was such a nice visit!

Birthday dinner

After a super long drive back to my parents' house and a good nights sleep, we were able to celebrate my birthday.  We headed to Mike's for dinner.  Figured not cooking was a great present!

I had my first frozen margarita-so tasty!  Think I will be having more:)
Despite Ce's face, she was having a good time!
Key lime pie for dessert and I even had a candle to blow out!  It's the little things:)
Love my kiddos!
Kids began getting restless so we headed outside-back to the warmth!
The original four!  Not the most flattering picture of me (maybe I need to use Ce's arm trick:) but I love that we are all together!  Happy birthday to me!

Lake randoms

A few more pictures that were texted to me later:)  The breakfast crew.

Ce took my phone one night as she said that I was always on it.  A wrestling match ensued.  I held her and told the kids to jump her.  Took forever, but finally we got it back:)
Boat trip!
Kids ready to go on the raft!  I love Tim's crazy hair!  He still  has not cut it. He's getting stylish!
We were done rafting and they were just enjoying being pulled in.  A few minutes later they jumped in the water to swim back to the dock!


The last full day we were at the lake happened to be my birthday.  We loaded up the boat and decided to have lunch out at the marina.

My dad was a studly boat driver.  Think he really liked it:)
Ce and Scott missed lunch with us but the rest of us had a fabulous time!
Even found fake candy cigarettes!  I  loved them as a kid.  Tim and Madi liked them as well.  Jennette chided me for buying them but I did not care!  I thought they were so cool!
Later that afternoon, I had been talking with a friend who had to do a workout in the pool.  So my mom and I decided to see if we could do it.  Not only did we do it but we CRUSHED it!  So there I am in my I beat you pose:)  On a side note, I think I am looking pretty good for 37!
And then we needed a nice rest after:)
Soon after, everyone began leaving. First Jennette and Scott followed by Ce and Scott.  That got my dad in cleaning mode and he went fishing things out of the water.  Kids continued on swimming!
It was a really quiet night.  Leftovers for birthday dinner.  Luckily that was anticipated and the real birthday dinner would follow shortly:)
Before we left the next morning, my dad and I took the kids out for one more lake ride.  I think they could ride the rafts forever!  Was a fun week.  Glad we tried something different-kids loved the lake.  However, I think my mom missed the beach.  I just like that we are all together for a week!

Lake fun

I love that we get to spend a week together every summer:)  Such fantastic bonding time!

Crazy hair boy:)  And our underwater fish:)  Sometimes I would call out for her and she would not respond.  I would get worried until we finally would find her happily snorkeling around.
The dock was a lovely place to sit and relax.  The kids would swim and we ladies would take a nice break and just enjoy each other.
Loved seeing the kids so happy!  Timmy much preferred the lake to the beach.  Less irritating to his skin I think.  They played so well at the lake!  For hours in the water.
My little model in training:)

Friday, September 19


The kids got on so well together.  Do not remember any fighting:)

The little guys really liked Timmy and he was so tolerant with them!  Just let them play with him.  Timmy is such an easy going kid.  Think I'll keep him.

Lots of fishing-Em even caught one!
Manly men chilling on the dock.  Was so nice and peaceful just sitting out there.
My boy and me:)  And my mom snorkeling with Em.  There were so many fish down there!
All of the kids got really good at throwing the line out.  And they loved it.
I just loved watching everyone swim and being together.  That right there is what the week is about.
When I visited Vermont, we went to an apple store and they had a huge store of hard ciders so I bought two to try out.  But I saved them for this week.  Ce and opened them and sadly they were disgusting!  I was so disappointed!  My dad enjoyed them though:)
I love tired cuddly girls with my dad.  I love that my kids know my parents and look forward to spending this week with them and visiting them.  It is so important to know your family!  I am glad that we make the effort every year.  May the tradition continue always!