Wednesday, April 9

Just dance

We got the kids Just Dance and it seems that we have had a dance party every day since!
The absolutely love it and I really enjoy watching them as well.
We have become a popular after school hangout.  This works out nicely since it is still cold outside.
I love that Timmy gets into it as well.  I battle them and am not afraid to admit that they beat me.  To be fair, I have only done the dances once while they practice all of the time.  That must be the reason that I lose so often:)
Tim's dance


Sunday, Emilie and I went to a service project for the church I have been attending.  It was a day to serve the community by cleaning up a local park.  Em and I really enjoyed it.
It was a gorgeous day, albeit a bit nippy.  We decided that we must go back to the park to explore with Tim and Madi as it was really interesting.  And I would love to do more community service projects in the future!

Warmer weather

We have had a few days of sunny and warmish weather which have been absolutely gorgeous!

The doggie has particularly enjoyed being able to be free and run around.  Although, this weekend while we were dog sitting, Terry took both dogs to the dog park.  While there, Kailey disappeared.  After a frantic 45 minutes or so of searching, we received a call that Kailey was in our neighbors yard.  At least we learned that she can find her way home!
The water is so nice to look at.  I enjoy watching it change from still as glass, to rough and rolling with the wind, to barely rippling.  Every day it is different.
I am also looking forward to exploring these rocks and searching for sea glass!
The kids want to get Kailey in the water to see if she enjoys swimming or not.  We shall see!

Art and awards

Madison was selected as the terrific kid of the month which is similar to being student of the month.  It was a complete surprise for her and she was thrilled! 
The school also hosted an art appreciation night.  Really, we just walked around the halls admiring the art work the kids had done.
The featured artist of the month was Andy Warhol so all of the artwork imitated his work.  They even had an original of his on display for the evening.
Timmy is demonstrating the hands he used for his masterpiece.  It was a nice evening out to support the art program!

Saturday, March 29

The open

The crossfit open is done.  Five work outs completed and I did every single one.  Have to say that I feel like a rock star!  I learned how to DU in the first.  I found that I can now easily do pull ups but am not quite at a chest to bar.  I learned that I can deadlift 185 pounds four times and box jump all day long.  The chipper was difficult for me as I was not feeling well-had been hit with a monstrous cold that put me down for several days.  But although not nearly 100%, I went and completed the work out.  Maybe on a day when I feel better, I may try it again.  And today was possibly the worst of the WODs.

Today, the work out was for time.  So no matter how tired you were or how much you wanted to quit, to complete the WOD, you had to finish it.  This was definitely a mental game for me today.  It was a descending ladder 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3, of a 65 pound thruster followed by over the bar burpees.  It was ridiculously hard and I felt like giving up so many times.  But I just steadily kept plugging along and eventually I got through it.  I had a bunch of people encouraging me (ie, yelling at me to get on the bar) and cheering me on.  As awful as that sounds, it really helped me.  Especially when I was so tired and the coach began counting down ok 3-2-1 get on the bar.  After I finished, I was was so wiped out that I just layed on the ground for a minute or two before getting up.  But I finished!  I pushed myself above what I initially thought possible.  When I left the gym today, I had the score to beat.  Who would have thought that?  (Of course, I went early in the morning and there were many to follow but I left a winner;)

Indeed, I am incredibly pleased with myself.  I was hesitant to enter the open thinking of all of the skills that I do not have and especially because I am still battling a shoulder injury.  But not only did I do it, but I have in almost every WOD, exceeded my goal.  And this is a great measurement to see just how far I have come.  I am excited to see what another year of crossfit will do for me.  And I am really looking forward to the Open in four years when I will be 40 and get to be in the masters class!


Remember a few weeks ago we had a mouse?  Well, it looks like we have a rat.  The temperature dropped yet again and brought with it snow.  So I was digging out the gloves and hats and discovered a gnawed raincoat.

It also explains why the dog has never stopped trying to get into the coat closet.  Additionally, all of the little stains on the floor in the closet are now understood-droppings and pee stains.  So we once again have traps down and are hoping to get results soon and evict this rodent soon.

Looking good

This is completely obnoxious to do but as it is my blog here goes.

I went out to dinner and man-I was looking good!  


Lately, I have had an unusual phenomena happen to me.  I have a lot of free time.  A lot.  Workout is done by 6:30am, kids are off to school, tiny house means less cleaning, and quilting work is done.  That leaves me with a lot of free time.

So I am catching up on movies and TV shows.  It feels rather lazy but what else have I to do?  Kailey has been my cuddle bug.
We took her to be groomed as it was long overdue.  The groomer completely ignored our instructions and clipped Kailey way too short.  As in, took all of her hair.
I keep telling myself-it will grow back.  It will grow back.  


Caught a rare moment of quiet.  Needed to remember that yes, indeed, they do happen.

Poor finger

I crossfit about five days a week.  Love it.  But I have a bad habit.  After I dump the bar, I try to catch it.  I just don't like the idea of it bouncing and hitting someone.  The coaches have told me time and again to STOP doing it, but it is a natural instinct to go for the bar.

And as was inevitable, I hurt my finger.  Jammed it as I was trying to stop the bar from bouncing.  It has been ten days and it is still tender:(  Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.