Wednesday, June 24


 I am becoming obsessed with the sunsets here.  I love looking at them.  So enjoy!

Soccer tournament

 Timmy had a big soccer tournament.  It was quite a distance away but was worth it in the end.  
Madison entertained herself by climbing rocks.  
Emilie drew and had a gaggle of kids watching her and asking for pictures.  
 Tim was in goal most of the time.  Makes me so nervous but he loves it.  They played two games and he won them both!  Was the first time they won and they were so happy!  Was a great day!
Tim got a trophy for the tournament.  I am really happy he did because they did not give end of season trophies or awards.  At least he got something!  And those two games ended up being the only two they won all season.  Tim was on the C team and was always playing A and B teams.  Completely unfair in my opinion.  But his coach was really good at drilling the basics so I feel that he did improve over the course of the season.  Well done little man!

80s and 90s party

We had an 80s and 90s party in the neighborhood.  It was so fun to get ready for!  
Terry was not interested in going, so I played third wheel to Shana and Garrett:)
 Dawn and I were trying to look tough but I couldn't do it!  Made a good laugh tho!
Some of the ladies!  I loved that so many dressed up!  More showed up later but overall it was a pretty small group.  But a super fun one!
Loved Dylan's moustache/beard!  It was such a fun night!  We danced to all sorts of music from the 80s and 90s and had a blast!  

Sip 'N Paint

 Four of us-Betsy, Shana, Dawn, and myself have a nickname of the Quad.  We have done so much together and are really good friends.  Sadly, Betsy and Dawn are moving.  We all went to this sip 'n paint to do together:)
 Sadly, we got there late and could not get four seats together.  That was ok-we visited each other.
 It was a good painting and we had a fun night!
 Our finished products!  I think they came out really nicely.  But only super skinny people can go to my beach as my chairs were anorexic looking!
One last quad picture!  

Too fast

 And all too quickly, it was time for my parents to go.  We tried a few selfies.  
And a group shot but neither worked out that well.  So loved having them here!


 Anyone who has met my dad knows that he must go and see and do.  So we ended up walking around downtown.  My mother bought a local cookbook and the author was there so she took this picture. 
 And eating yogurt by the wave was a must as well!
A girl picture.  Was a cool but beautiful day to be out and walking around!

Memorial Day

We had a neighborhood potluck for Memorial Day.  It was a beautiful day and so many came!
 The kids played volleyball all day save for one game where I declared it was adults only.  It was so fun!  There was also a corn hole game that got competitive:)
 Terry and me.
Really liked this picture of Dawn and me-especially the running Shana to get in the picture!
 The three of us together!
 Betsy and me!  The party lasted all day and was a lot of fun!  Love my neighborhood!


We had good family time.  Some arm wrestling. 
And we had a spontaneous potluck with the Carlson's and the Grimes.  Was fun!  Think my parents were reminded of how close you get to your neighbors when you live in military housing.  Was very nice and they got to meet my friends!

Water Fire

 I have wanted to see Providence's Water Fire since we moved here.  So we grabbed the Grimes', had a fabulous dinner, and went to watch the show!

 Kids were mesmerized by a lady dancing with fire yoyo type things.
 Then one by one they lit the fires.
 To be honest, it was kind of overrated.

 It was nice to walk around.  It was right by the campus of RISD and Brown.  They had art displays and various food kiosks.  Great ambiance!
End of the night with a tired girl.  It was nice to get out and walk around.  Glad we tried it out!

Bar work

 My parents ended up visiting during a cold spell at the end of May.  Didn't stop us tho!  I had already warned them to pack warm clothes;)
Each morning, we got up and worked out.  Was really fun for me as I taught them new exercises and a lot of bar work!  Loved that!