Sunday, May 17


I learned that I think I take goofy pictures during this trip.  Oh well:)  Before I knew it, Ce and Scott were taking off.  I miss spending time with them.  
Ce really is my best friend.  I adore her.  Soon enough, we will be neighbors again!

The next day, my mother left as well.  I was lucky enough to spend another day relaxing with my grandparents and just soaking it all in.  I also went out to lunch with Terry's parents and celebrated Bill's birthday.  But all too quickly, my trip to AZ was over.  Wish I could do it more often!  

90th birthday party!

Love this lady!
My mother worked really hard to get a party organized for my grandfather's 90th birthday party.  She did a fabulous job!
Left my sister alone with my phone for mere minutes and came back to find a new profile picture for myself.  
Happy birthday grandpa!

So many came out for the party.  It was so nice to see them!  All but one of my grandparent's six children came.  Was wonderful!
My cousin Dennis.
The party happened to coincide with the Elite 8 game that the U of A was playing in for the NCAA tournament.  We had several viewing stations up and running:)  Priorities!
 It was fun to have everyone there for the game.  And honestly I think everyone stuck around as long as they did because the game was on.  Was really  nice!
I'll need to attach the photographers photos as well, but here was a quick snapshot of the cousins.  It was so nice being around family and it was a fantastic party!


In February, I participated in the Crossfit Open-five work outs that you complete over five weeks.  They were super challenging and I learned a lot about how much I have improved over the course of a year.  My final WOD had to be done in Tucson so I found a box and dropped in.  
My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and aunt, all came to cheer me on.  Very strange having an audience especially at a gym where I did not know anyone.  The WOD consisted of thrusters and rowing.  As the box only had one rower, everyone there watched me.  Very nerve wracking.  
My mother and Ce were video taping me. I did not like it!  I did snap at them to stop and I think I hurt Ce's feelings (so sorry!) but it was so hot and I wasn't used to it and I did not feel like I was doing my best either-not a good combination.  
She forgave me:)  And afterwards, I was grateful to look at the video and review what I did.  It was a really difficult work out.  I was so glad it was done!


I absolutely adore my grandparents!  It was so nice to relax and sit with them on their back porch.  I miss spending Sunday afternoons with them which I used to do during college.  The only reason I would want to move back to Tucson is to spend time with family.  And when I am home with them, it is so tempting to stay and do just that:)

Phillips side

After having lunch, we ran errands and then went to my aunt Debbie's house.  There we prepared a special birthday dinner for Scott:)
 He felt very special!
Love being around these two.  They are still like newlyweds!
My grandmother and uncle Mike. 
My mother and uncle Ernie.
Most of us together.  It was a really nice night to be together with the Phillips side of the family.  So short though!  My mother and I ended up leaving about 8 o'clock I think and I was so tired!  I was asleep almost immediately when we returned to my grandparents house. Such a good night!


I was lucky enough to go to Tucson for a weekend to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday!  
I had not seen my sister or mother since Christmas and it was so nice!  And so warm!  I loved being out in the hot sun!


On a whim, I signed for a gymnastics course.  So glad that I did!  I learned and incredible amount.  And Dave Durante was my instructor-former Olympic athlete!  Besides the gym we were at being incredibly cold, it was an awesome weekend!  The seminar was near Salem, Mass, and they still had four feet of snow on the ground.  Was super cold!  There was less snow at this park that I found but it was still very cold!

I tried and tried to get someone to go with me.  But I didn't get any takers.  But at the certification, we were placed in groups mainly by height and I made a new friend.  Micah, in the light blue sweatshirt behind me, connected immediately.  It was almost as if we came from the same box.  Someday I will take a class and bring a buddy with me!  It would be nice to have someone to go to dinner with and not spend the evenings alone.  Although, I did go out to a local mall and watched a movie.  Overall, I learned a ton and felt so much better prepared to coach members at my gym:)


Emi getting some love.  And then we had a sick Timmy for a few days.  :(  I really can't complain.  My kids have been sick this winter much less than a lot of the other families I have seen.  But when it gets you, they are down for the count.

I also needed some new pants to coach in.  While I was out shopping for them, I found this enormous bunny for Madi for Easter.  She loves enormous stuffed animals!  And there I am in my new pants.  I think they are pretty cool and so comfy!


And then it began. The great thaw!

Blue and Gold Banquet

He was bored through most of it.  But they had a nice dinner and then they gave out awards.  He earned some beads and something else.  I find that when it comes to Cub Scouts, Tim often does not want to go.  But when he gets there, he enjoys himself.  And he does not do any work when he is outside of the meetings.  As a result, we think he will not be returning next year.  But we are making him finish out this year-no quitting!  Terry has been quite the sport going to most of the meetings with  Tim.  Such a good dad.