Tuesday, October 21

Sibling love

The other day we had to go pick Emilie up from practice.  Timmy rushes out of the car and gives Em the biggest hug saying, "I missed you!"  Melts a mom's heart I tell you!


Every now and then I get the urge to rearrange.  And it must be done right away.  Since it was a Sunday, I asked a neighbor to come help me move some heavy stuff and I got started.  Terry did not appreciate me having him come help, but Terry would not have helped anyway because it was Sunday and I needed it done now!

But now, we have a sewing/office supply/kitchen over flow room.  But at least it is super organized!
We also have not been using this TV at all so I made a cozy little nook where the kids can play Wii.
The Foosball table was a challenge. No one was playing it and it takes up a lot of room.  So now it is more visible and has been used more.  Still an eyesore but it makes the men happy:)
Kailey was quite traumatized by all of the commotion and fell asleep in the most awkward position!  It took a lot of work but I am glad that I did it.  House feels more organized to me and now there is another area for kids to play.

Dirty 0530

Lauren and Deacon came into town to visit.  They were part of my original Dirty 0530 crossfit class.  It was also Phil's birthday!  So we went out Saturday afternoon to visit.  Terry came with me and it was a beautiful day to be out!
I loved seeing them again!  Some of our class reunited!  Deacon is now in Hawaii with Lauren shortly to join him.  We all joke of reuniting one day and opening up a crossfit box where we all work.  I would be in heaven if that ever came true!

Friday fun

Have I mentioned just how fabulous my neighborhood is?  Another Friday night in the hood!  Love these people.  Love that we just go out to our backyards and have an instant party!  

Cross Country Meet!

One day out of the blue, Emilie came home and said that she wanted to run cross country for her school.  So I got right on it and we got all of the neccessary paperwork in.  Her first meet was at St. Peters, coincidentally my friend is the Dean there-it is a beautiful boarding school.
So we all met at the school and arrived as they were doing the walk through of the course.  Madi jumped right in and went with Emilie.  Have to say that I was really nervous about the meet.  I have never seen Em run and didn't know if she would be any good.  I didn't want her fragile feelings hurt!
There were three teams running and about 70 plus girls.  Em kept saying that she was going to take first.  I was really scared for her!
After the first lap, Em was in fifth place!  And then at the end, she came in 10th!  I was absolutely thrilled for her!  I had no idea how talented she was!
Love this picture of her.  She was so sweet grabbing a leaf to run with on the course.  And I love that it looks like she has a bit of red in her hair!  She was very happy with her time and effort.  And I was so incredibly proud of her!!!

Soccer Saturday

We have had some beautiful weather for soccer.  Madison has been playing really well.  She scored her first two goals!  One of them she made while being on defense!  She was a rock star!
She also had a go at being goalie.  She did not like that one at all.  But she was a good sport and played half of the game in that position.
Timmy is one of the better players on his team.  He has scored at least once per game-often with two or three even!
He gives it his all-sprints everytime after the ball.  And he is a fantastic defender as well.  Timmy really has a passion for the game.  I think we will be going to his games for a long time.  

Picture day

Picture day rolls around and Timmy, with his extra long hair, wanted to spike it.  So we did.  Am curious to see how those pictures came out!  Em, on the other hand, snuck out without letting me even brush her hair!  This years pictures will be interesting to say the least!

It's official!

And just like that I am a qualified level 1 Crossfit Coach!  I have been shadowing classes at my box to gain experience in coaching.  Soon enough, I will be coaching my own classes!  Very exciting!

Monday, October 13

Birthday party!

After the race,  we all gathered together for Cameron's birthday party.  It was super fun!
They were taught the proper stances to shoot from.  Timmy was all into it!
They had target practice which the girls happily helped out with.
Emilie and Kerry ran wild and enjoyed more time together!
Did I mention how fabulous Dawn is?
And a Terry and me selfie!
Was an absolutely phenomenal day.  It is gorgeous here.
I was able to witness just how bad my kids table manners are firsthand.  Did I correct him?  No.  After cake, they all went outside with the dads and played a very long game of capture the flag and nerf wars.  Hard to say who enjoyed it more-the kids or the dads!
Those kids were wiped out at the end of the day!

Sanity chase

Sunday morning a bunch of us from the Fort ran a four mile Sanity Chase Run.  I signed the girls up and we had an absolutely fabulous time!

Wasn't sure how the kids would do, but they took off running and never looked back!
Here is the group of us who ran it together.  That morning was so cold and windy!
Luckily, they had music playing, so the kids and I jumped right in to dance to keep warm!
Now these will get a little jumbled but work with me:)  We had several obstacles to go through.  The first was a quick paddle board into the bay.  They had us go on our knees because it was so windy.
Madi and I stuck together while Kerry and Emilie left us behind!
Em and Kerry crushed the rock climbing wall!
After the paddle boarding, Madi and I stuck together.  I was so proud of her!  We did a run walk for a while but she never gave up and really pushed through.  And it was nice to have some Madi/mommy time!
The tricycle was probably the hardest obstacle!  They are so tiny!
Madi and I crushed the climbing wall.  I felt like a spider-scaled it super quick.  After I came down, Madi deserted me!  Took off to finish the race without me.
I stayed with Betsy and finished it out.  
 I had a blast running the race with the girls!  I think I may have them hooked in that they will do it again!
And they were really pleased that they got a swag bag afterward.  Chocolate really makes them happy!