Thursday, September 18


We always have game time at the beach.  Better than watching TV all day long.

Steve and Robin introduced us to a new game you play with your phone and it was super fun!  Everyone got into it and it was easy enough for the kids to join in.  Loved it!
Again-the dinner gang minus me:)  Love that Scott was respectfully waiting for the prayer and everyone else is smiling!  So devout:)
I think every night the kids swam till late.  Was nice to let them get their fill of the water.
After the last swim for the night, we came back up to play more games.  There was a charade portion and Steve and I were particularly good at it so we were chosen to act out a lot of the clues.  Unbeknownst to me, Timmy was right beside me and I clocked him pretty hard with my elbow.  Poor guy was distraught.  Good thing nana was there to love him;)
Meanwhile, the girls were making a big mess in the master bathtub.  Bubbles were everywhere.  They had a fantastic time in their bubble bath.  Nana, however, was less than pleased.

Miller time!

Robin, Steve, Lauren, and Katiana came to spend two days with us on the lake.  It was marvelous to see them again!  
Steve loved the boat and became quite the boat captain:)
I was super content to just sit and chat with Robin!  Seriously love this woman to death!
After we let the kids get some fun on the raft, Robin and I took a go.  I think they were out to kill us!  They went so fast that you really had to hold on.  They looked for the wakes and did their best to make us fall off.  Poor Robin did!
It really was a lot of fun though!
I had am much more peaceful ride with the girls.  Although, truth be told Madi wanted the speed!
Loved that Madi was reunited with her Lauren:)  They were inseparable!
And yet they all played so well together in the water. They hardly came out-like little fishes.
It was so nice to be able to relax on the dock while the kids swam.  And I had my friend to keep me company!  


We took the kids out for a ride on the raft first thing the next morning.  And they loved it!  Madi especially.  They really liked it when they caught air like in the picture:)

They could have stayed out there on that thing for hours!
And we took them out again in the afternoon and later in the evening.  They could  not get enough!
It was also fun to tie the rafts to the dock so we didn't lose them.  Kids loved climbing on them and using them as diving boards or to just mess around on.  It was a natural location for playing king of the hill!
Or just taking a rest.  Think all of us sunbathed/napped on a raft at least once.  Was so nice and calm!
Or at least it was until the long range water guns came out.  Timmy was notorious for getting everyone when you least expected it.  I think  more than once we took a group revenge out on him!


One of the best arrangements we have come up with at the lake/beach week is that each family has to cook one night.  Means the rest of the week you get to relax and just be fed!  It is fabulous.  So here is the gang minus me.  Most of my favorite people in the world sitting around the same table:)

Tuesday, September 9

The boat

So Scott and Scott decide they want to take the boat out.  They untie it from the dock.  And then discover that they could not start it!  We all watched as they slowly drifted over to the neighbor's dock.

We had to go wake my dad up from his nap to go rescue them.  I think both Scotts were a bit embarrassed that he had to come.  And as you can tell by his expression, my dad was not happy to be woken from his nap:)
We all watched as my dad, very slowly, swam over to the boat.  
The embarrassed men waiting for my dad to come over!
And finally they got the boat started and the boys were able to go fish.
We ladies found it immensly amusing!  We all had a good laugh about it!

Day 1

One of the best parts about the lake house is the morning.  I love to get up and greet everyone and visit in the kitchen.  Huge good morning smiles and hugs, cooking together.  I love it!
Kids were super excited to get out to the water though:)  The first few days were rainy but that did not stop us from jumping in that water:)  Girls were outstanding swimmers!  I was pretty impressed with how much better they were this summer.  Timmy still looks like he is just barely not drowning!
So Ce has this theory that if she places her arm just so, she will look super skinny.  And sure enough-her strategy works.  Almost all of the pictures she took has this pose!
Sisters!  Love this woman!
My mother rented a boat for us to play with on the lake.  the kids ADORED taking the rafts out.  Madison especially loved it!  They could not get enough tubing!
We also would tie the rafts up to the dock and the kids would float.  Was nice to be able to pull them back in if need be.  And the water was sublime!  Warm, clear, perfect.  No nasty slimy muddy lake bottom.  Was just wonderful.
This year there was also a lot of fishing.  The fish were everywhere!  You could see them swimming just off the dock.  Jennette, both Scotts, my dad, and the kids were very good fishers.  Well, at least they fished a lot.  Can't say that they caught too much.  Kept them all busy and they loved it!

Lake house

We made it to the lake house in Tennessee after a terrible, traffic filled commute.  Thankfully, we were met by my family and a gorgeous house!

The kids and I were in the carriage house.  This was the kids' bedroom-not too shabby!
I had a huge king bed to myself as well as a kitchen and living room.  Was super nice!
And when we headed over to the main house, this was the kitchen I got to cook in!  Wow!  Talk about a dream kitchen!  Trust me I was taking notes:)
It was also super nice to be greeted by my parents, Cele, and Scott.  Love, love, love my family!

Monday, September 8

Jimmy and Angie

Being in Ohio, I made sure that I went to see my cousin Jimmy and his wife Angie.  They got married three days before we did, but this was the first time that I was able to meet her.  She does not fly or drive on highways-makes it hard to meet her!

We met for lunch and then went to the zoo.  Was a great place to visit while keeping the kids entertained.
I haven't seen Jimmy in ages.  Was nice to take some time and catch up on each other's lives.
It was a small but nice zoo.  Kids got to feed the goats and watch an animal show about them.
Absolutely love this picture of Madi and me!  She is a beautiful girl!  And she cuddled me:)
And what zoo picture is complete without a picture on an animal?  It was a fun afternoon.  I was glad that I made the effort to visit with Jimmy.  Hopefully it won't be another fifteen plus years until we meet up again!

Kids crossfit

The kids were super lucky as we dropped in to the various Crossfit boxes.  Most of the time they were allowed to play on the equipment when we were done.

But they hit the jackpot when we visited Chris' box.  They got to jump in a Crossfit kids class!
They loved it!  I so wish that ours had a kids class.  Maybe I should learn to do it and then teach it;)

And it was not an easy class.  Kelly, the instructor really made them work for it!
It was great because they had had to sit through my class and were pretty good.  So it was nice that they were able to get up and move and let some of that energy out as well.
And then there is me-the eternal cheerleader!  It was so fun to cheer the kids on to work hard!  We all had a fun time!