Wednesday, August 19


 Lauren came from Hawaii and Phil came from NY to attend a wedding in Newport.  I was glad that they had time to squeeze in a WOD so I could see them!  It was nice to have them around again!
Sadly, I tore my hand.  Looked lot worse than it felt.  


Emilie has been babysitting around the fort and earning  a lot of money.  She has decided that she will be making a fur costume and she is doing a fantastic job.  here is her original mold out of foam.  

Sunsets make me happy


 Mari's cut was deep.  After about an hour, we were wheeled back to a room.  

They determined that she would need stitches and she was so brave!  The numbing shots hurt a lot and she screamed loudly for a long time.  Broke my heart.  But what was even worse was that she was not numb for the last stitch.  The doctor did it without any pain medication at all.  Poor girl screamed all over again but then it was done.  Was really hard to watch that and be helpless.  She had stitches for nine days.  I think that she enjoyed using crutches and getting extra attention.  But all of us would rather that she not have had to experience that!


 We had a nice afternoon out at the beach paddle boarding and kayaking.  Was impressed that both the girls managed to stand up and not fall!  That takes a lot of teamwork and balance!
 Good little kayakers as well.  
 While everyone else was in the water, I was happy collecting sea glass.  There was tons of it.
Which would explain why seconds after this picture was taken, I found Madi on the beach with her foot covered in blood.  So much that I could not even tell where she was bleeding from.  I immediately packed up while Garrett ran home to get his car.  I then carried Madi off the rocky beach back up to the road where a lifeguard with a first aid kit met us as well as Garrett's mother, who is a nurse.  They cleaned her up as best they could and Madison and I were off to the ER


 Garrett's parents came to visit.  We joined them on many of their activities.
Here is the gang of us at Brick Pub Alley.  It was a nice night out!

Wrong size

My mother frequently sends me surprise clothes.  So when this dress came I tried it on thinking it was for me.  Well, it was very tight and too short.  And then I thought-maybe it was for Emilie!  Sure was-and it looked super cute as well!


 Terry did not get a birthday cake for his birthday.  
 So we corrected that the next night.  We had a few people over for dinner and then we surprised him with an ice cream cake.  
Everyone needs to blow out candles!  


 For Terry's 40th he received a bike. 
 He wanted to give riding to work a try so now he is well equipped.  
 Kids were excited-they had another buddy to go riding with!
 Afterwards we headed out for birthday dinner of Chipotle and Frosty Freeze.  
Terry was a happy guy!


 For Terry's birthday, the kids were armed with silly string and ready for his return from work.
 It was a successful ambush!
At first, he thought it was water. I think he was relieved that it was not:)