Thursday, December 31

Gorgeous skies!


Kids decided to dress up on the dark side this year.  Tim was some kind of grim reaper, Madi was some twisted angel, and Em was Egycii.  Still amazed at what she accomplished.  Kids had a blast trick or treating all over the neighborhood with friends. 

We adults had invited the entire fort to a party but due to some truly terrible women, our efforts were thwarted.  I really do not understand how some women can be so mean and petty.  They were awful and I was very hurt.  
At least I had fun with these two ladies!  
Was pretty impressed with all of our costumes.  Mine was a last minute I'll be a mudder because I already had the gear and it was warm!  Terry went out shopping for zebra accessories.  In fact, both Shana and Terry are wearing my old costumes!  Love that everyone made the effort!


First off, I am very disappointed that among my lost photos were the pictures of Tim's soccer season. This was a very special team for Timmy because he had his father as his coach.  And Terry did an amazing job!  I have always felt that he would be a natural coach and he exceeded my expectations.  Terry already has a wealth of knowledge for soccer but he was able to connect with the kids on their level and really help them to improve their game.  Almost every parent came up to me to say that their kids thought Terry was the best coach that they had ever had or that one boy had given up on soccer, was giving it one last go, and with Terry's enthusiasm and effort, the boy had changed his mind and wants to continue on with soccer.  He really did an excellent job putting in a lot of time to make lineups and interesting practices. He was very supportive and vocal from the sidelines and the kids really bonded as a team.  Terry was a spectacular coach and everyone loved him.  Especially Tim!

And Timmy had a super season!  He scored goals in three games!  But he found that he really prefers playing defense.  Tim is a tenatious defender and really goes after the ball.  He was very aggressive!  And as ever, he is a runner-can run the entire game it seems and not get tired!  But his true passion emerged as he discovered his love for playing goalie.  This was great for the team as many of the other kids did not want to be in goal.  However, I hated it!  The pressure placed on him seemed unbarable to me on the sidelines-my heart broke with every shot scored on him but I was so proud when he cleared the ball!  And he was very good!  Again super aggressive and not afraid to go after the ball.  Also very quick with clearing the ball from the box.  Timmy may just have a future as a goalie.  Just hope my heart can take it!


 It seems every year I get pumpkins, the kids are always excited to carve them.  But they never want to clean them out!
 So I am the gut scooper and then the girls carve theirs and Terry helps Timmy.
 Somehow only got two finished pictures of pumpkins but they were all fabulous!
 Lots of concentrating.  They did an excellent job!

Meet and trees

Emilie had her last meet up at a beautiful state park.  She was put on the JV team which I felt was a little undeserved but she was a good sport and ran a fantastic race.  She came in first for her school!  And I think 15th overall?  Pretty impressive when you think there were 200 girls!  She even beat some of the girls times who were on the varsity team. So proud of her!

While she was running, Madi and Tim had a blast climbing trees.  And they were beautiful!  Nothing beats a New England fall!

Perfect Timing

 The girls had a meeting after school about an upcoming trip to Quebec.  The 7th and 8th grade French classes are going and I am going to be the chaperone!  And since I speak French, I am gratuit!
 Girls got slurpees and since it was a nice fall day, I did a little photo shoot.  
This was taken just as Madi knocked over her slurpee.  Caught it at the perfect moment!  Love these girls!


Cross Country

 Emilie ran another season of cross country.  She did really well!  She finished in the top three for her team in the first two meets!  
 Em is wearing the long black pants in the middle.  There were tons of girls in the races!
 Coming in to the finish!  Em had a fantastic season.  And either Terry or myself were able to be at each meet.  Her home meets were at Ft. Adams which made it very convenient!
Sprinting in!
Toward the end of the season, she did start to experience some knee pain.  Doctor thought it was not a big deal.  I think it had to do with her being a vegetarian and not getting enough protein.  We shall see if the same thing happens next season.  Overall, she had a great time! Very proud of her!


 We went out apple picking.  The kids love it.  
 They ate loads of apples.  I made sure that they could only sample apples from the ground.  They would try the various varieties and then decide whether or not we wanted that flavor. 
 Tim is our best apple eater but Em out-ate him while picking.  And Madi refuses to eat store bought apples but will eat freshly picked apples.  Weird.
We had so many apples!  I made applesauce, cobblers, pies, and more.  They were pretty tasty!


We had an impromptu smores night.  
 Word of mouth brings a ton of kids out!
 Was a nice night.  Slightly chilly but the fire was fantastic.  And the kids had a blast!