Sunday, May 3


 The blizzard of the century came through New England.  Except it was not that bad.
Everyone said we were going to lose power so I put thick flannel sheets over all of the windows and the heat was cranked up to over 85.  We were sweating terribly.  I also stockpiled water, food, flashlights-we were prepared!  Even insisted my buddy Phil stay with us so he would not be alone.  
It ended up being more of a party.  We potlucked with neighbors, played cards, dug our cars out of the snow.  Was a fun time!  And we never lost power!
turns out Kailey loves the snow!

 She loved being outside in the snow!  Spent a lot of time playing and digging in it!
Got some huge drifts of snow.  In some places it would be four feet high.  In others, bare grass.  That wind was powerful!
Kids were happy.  They got to miss school!


After our weekend of skiing, we came home and I was super sick.  Think I had the flu.  Was absolutely awful.  One by one each of the families went down and our group once again received a nickname at the clinic of the germ ski group.  Shana said the proper name should have been the germ banana hammock ski group:)  Knocked me out for a week and then it took a few weeks to finally feel myself back at the gym.  
Despite not feeling well, I battled a snow storm and did another crossfire class.  This time it was mobility.  I was really hoping they would spend more time on how to focus on injury prevention with stretching, rolling, and mobilizing but that was only two hours of the day.  Regardless, it was a good class and I do feel better prepared to help athletes now!  


We promised the kids that they could go tubing.  So we were up and out the door early to take them before driving home.  I was feeling awful by now but was determined to give them one more fun snow day.  
I tubed maybe four times before I was done.  I eventually had to go sit inside as I could not warm up and was definitely getting sicker.  
 Kids loved it!

They tubed the entire two hours and could have gone on longer!
 It was perfect weather again to be out in the snow!

 Kids went together and had a blast!
Our first snow vacation was a hit!  Hopefully, this will be the first of many. I am looking forward to taking them again and getting in some good skiing!


Saturday night no one planned on doing lessons again on Sunday morning.  It is pricey and no one felt like doing it.  Well, Sunday morning comes and EVERYONE changed their minds.  So Shana and I decided to do another lesson-this time with Kayleigh as well and we sent the boys back to ski school.  Meanwhile, the girls did not need another lesson so they were hitting the slopes with Terry.  Once again, Shana and I missed the hassle of getting the kids checked in and ready to go-taking lessons was definitely paying off! 

Unfortunately, no one checked the weather.  It was snowing, then sleeting, then raining.  Not great ski weather.  But we headed to our lesson anyway.  Poor Kayleigh was terrified.  We were not on the beginner slopes but rather went down up the lift to a green.  And she refused to move.  We felt bad as the instructor said it would take an hour to get her down and there was another family with us.  Just then Dawn came by and we asked her to take Kayleigh.  She did but it took her an hour and a half to get her down in increasingly bad weather.  It was terrible.  Meanwhile, Shana and I learned quite a bit and got rather good at going down the mountain.  However, we decided the weather was so bad that we would pick up the boys and take them home.  Everyone else in our group was headed back as the slopes were slick and dangerous. 
But when we went to pick the boys up they were LOVING it and did not want to leave.  So instead, Shana and I, kidless again, went to enjoy a drink while we waited for their lessons to end.  
At the end of the day, I was super impressed with how much Timmy had improved!  And better than that he loved it!  Wanted to go up the lift and try out a green.  Sadly, the weather was awful by then and so we did not go.  But I was thrilled that he ended up loving it!

That night, disaster hit.  I went to bed super early feeling terrible.  Two of the kids began throwing up.  Sickness had struck the group.  


When the girls were done with lessons, they wanted to go down the big slopes.  So we took them up.  
They did so much better than me!  They were fearless and so natural!  I made it down but did not have the same level of confidence as the girls!  Timmy meanwhile stayed warm in the lodge with Betsy-he was done for the day and wanted nothing more to do with skiing.  
Terry surprised me with his skiing.  He did not take a lesson but was pretty decent.  My favorite skiing partner was Dawn by far.  She coached me on what to do while going down the slope.  She was awesome!  And I think she enjoyed the role reversal of her being the expert!
Here is Timmy-not really enjoying himself:)
But he perked up with some hot chocolate in the lodge:)


After our lesson, we met up with everyone else and had lunch at the lodge.  
Was really nice to catch up on how everyone was doing.  And it was nice and cozy warm right by the fire!

Ski lessons

Shana and I signed up for ski lessons.  They were the first of the day so luckily, we had to be out of the house rather early.  Meaning we missed all of the haggle of getting the kids ready and out the door!  It was amazingly cold but gorgeous.  We could not have asked for better weather.  

We had a two hour lesson in the morning and I felt they did an excellent job of preparing us to ski.  We were in the beginner area which was nice because we were able to catch glimpses of the kids in their ski school.  Most of the kids, (save the Carlson's who are expert skiers), went to ski school.  They had lessons in the morning, broke for lunch, and then lessons until mid-afternoon.  (For the ski school, a password had to be given to pick the kids up.  We all used the same word so that any of our group could pick them up.  They chose banana hammock!  Apparently, we were the talk of the resort.  Terry overheard an employee speaking with some elderly women telling them that some group had given the inappropriate password of banana hammock for their children and they were appalled!  We were the gossip of the day:) The girls took to it so easily while Shana and I struggled.  They were naturals!  Timmy, on the other hand, was not thrilled and did not want to go skiing again.  

Ski weekend

 We booked a house in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for MLK weekend to go skiing!
 It was like a huge sleepover and the kids were ECSTATIC.  We adults were pretty excited as well.
 We drove up Friday and got there just in time to eat and settle in really.
Kids were so full of energy though!  Took a while to settle them all down to sleep.  Eventually, we did and everyone got ready for skiing the next day!

Timmy's party

 Timmy decided he wanted a Smash Brothers Tournament for his birthday party.  The boys loved it!  Em made a bracket for all of the boys and it started off so well!
 Until the boys began losing and some of them could not handle being tossed out of the competition.  Even with a pep talk about good sportsmanship beforehand, there were still tears. Luckily, Timmy was the champion! 
Girls were completely uninterested and did not join in until dessert time.  
 Timmy just wanted brownies for his cake which worked for me!  So easy!
I do not like opening presents at parties.  Kids are too unpredictable and ungrateful but the guests insisted.  So we let him.  Here he is super happy with a rather generous game stop gift card.  It was a good party and Timmy was a happy boy!


Timmy has been enjoying Cub Scouts.  His den leader puts in a lot of effort to do fun things for the boys.  And I had to include Shana and Suki-too cute!